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Change of Dedication Date for Veterans Way Memorial
Tuesday, April 2, 2013 from 3:00 to 5:00PM at Pink Hill Park

What is the "Render Honors" Feature of the Memorial?

One of the design features of the Veterans Way Memorial relates to how to access the Memorial Plaza. From the existing parking lots on the north and south edges of the site, a meandering trail will take visitors to the Memorial area. Along the trails will be 24 flowering ornamental trees. Each of these trees will be made available to honor a living veteran or as a memorial for a fallen veteran. A granite plaque will be placed between the walkway and tree to identify the veteran. It is hoped that as other veterans walk the trail, they will render honors to the patriots who are named. Information about the program and how to purchase a tree is provided by clicking on "Download Render Honors Information."

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By Jerry Plantz - 2010
Dedicated to Twenty-Two year old Army
Private First Class Larry Gene Barham
Killed in Viet Nam- 2/6/68

There it is.
This visitor of granite.
This symbol of us
Here in the present
Binding us to the past.
Polished and gleaming.
Reflecting life,
Honoring death.

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Veterans Way Memorial

  • In 2010, Blue Springs hosted "The Wall That Heals" traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial located in Washington, DC
  • Over 50,000 people visited the Blue Springs exhibition
  • Over 2,000 Vietnam veterans received recognition for their service to
    the nation
  • To commemorate this extraordinary event, the entrance to the park where "The Wall That Heals" was exhibited was named "Veterans Way"


  • The memorial site identifies the location where "The Wall That Heals"
    was exhibited in 2010
  • The memorial is dedicated to the sacrifice, courage and valor of all veterans who served in the US armed forces
  • It will serve as a place for personal contemplation or reflection for veterans and veterans families and friends
  • It will also provide a place for educating youth about the historical significance of wars fought in defense of our nation

The City of Blue Springs would like to Thank ATK,
HyVee, Ad Trends Advertising, & KFKF for their Generous
Donations & support for The Wall That Heals

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